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Learn from top SBA experts from across the country, mission-driven lenders and civic leaders who are making a difference in the world of capital access, economic experts, and more. 


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Funding is crucial, yet businesses can’t survive on capital alone. This content lineup is designed to help lenders and support partners create stronger small businesses by giving you the info and SBA SOP updates you expect, along with new ideas and best practices you need to help you grow your business, increase your lending impact, and better serve your client base.

Industry & SBA Program Overviews

  • Economic Updates

  • Best practices in SBA Lending

  • Main Street Revitalization

  • Capital Access & Economic Inclusion

  • Insight from Trailblazers in Small Business Lending

  • Referral Best Practices and Ecosystem Networking

  • Increasing Impact of Investment through Civic Ecosystems

  • Reaching Underserved Markets and Eliminating Barriers

  • Developing a More Diverse Team

  • Basics for New Employees and New-to-SBA Lenders

  • Stretching SBA Dollars through Collaboration

  • How to Grow Your Business and Impact through Marketing

  • Emerging Leader Training and Networking

  • Empowering New Americans

  • Benefits and Best Practices of Pre- and Post-Loan TA

  • Making the Most of CRA Credits through Partnerships

Program Insights

  • 7(a), and 504 Lending

  • Microlending

  • Community Advantage and Underserved lending

  • USDA Lending

  • Lender Match

  • Construction Finance and Surety Bonds

  • New Market Tax Credit Program

Real-World SOP Instruction and Tips

  • Business Valuation, Acquisitions, and Liquidation

  • Lender Oversight and Risk Rating

  • Avoid Closing Errors and LGPC Screen Outs

  • Servicing

  • FTA 1502 Reporting

  • SOP 50 10 7

  • E-Tran: Validations and GUI Improvements

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